Ready, Steady…Mentoring Project

Ready, Steady… Mentoring Project is quality short-term mentoring to help a child/young person become the person they want to be

Run in schools, we recruit, screen and train local volunteer mentors and carefully match them with a child or young person experiencing difficulties or challenges. Together, mentor and mentee meet weekly after school for betweem 10 to 15 sessions.

The Ready, Steady… approach brings about positive change by focusing on the young person’s interests, skills and talents and working to overcome any obstacles to these e.g. sharing, staying calm or getting organised.

Our mentors are positive role models and young people learn a great deal by simply observing how they interact, deal with frustrations and enjoy activities. Ready, Steady… Mentoring helps improve social and emotional capacity and encourages young people to believe in their ability to achieve. 

Ready, Steady… offers the mentee the chance to:

  • Have fun
  • Share an experience
  • Be listened to and receive praise
  • Become aware of existing interests/skills and develop new ones
  • Be guided to identify their own strengths and potential
  • Begin to think about the future 

For more information please call our Volunteer Mentor Officer, Sylvie Leithgoe on 020 8373 6246 every Tuesday and Wednesday.